Liquor Commission Western Australia


Please note that the Liquor Commission shall be in recess from Monday, 22nd December 2014 to Friday, 9th January 2015


The Liquor Commission consists of a Chairperson and at least three, full, part-time or sessional members. At least one member of the Commission is required to be a legal practitioner as defined in the Legal Practice Act 2003 or have been admitted to legal practice in another state or a Territory.

Each member of the Commission is appointed by the Minister for Racing and Gaming on a full-time, part-time or sessional basis for a maximum period of five years.

The member or members who constitute the panel in relation to an application / appeal shall be selected by the Chairperson, who will give consideration to their knowledge or experience.

Members of the Commission are:-

Mr Jim Freemantle Inaugural Chairperson
BEcon, Master of Administration Monash University
Mr Seamus Rafferty Deputy Chairperson
BA, LLB Notre Dame University
Mr Edward Watling Inaugural Member
Ms Helen Cogan Inaugural Member
LLB UWA; LLB University of Witwatersand (South Africa)
Dr Eric Isaachsen Member
MB.BS; DRANZCOG; University of WA
Ms Belinda Lonsdale Member
LLB, MBA University of WA
Mr Evan Shackleton Member
LLB, University of WA
Mr Alastair Bryant Member
Mr Rudolf Zilkens Member
BA, LLB, University of Sydney
Mr Michael Egan Member
LLB, University of Tasmania

Ms Helen Cogan, Mr Seamus Rafferty, Mr Evan Shackleton, Ms Belinda Lonsdale and Mr Rudolf Zilkens are legal practitioners as defined in the Legal Profession Act 2008.

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